John Bullock

John Bullock is an aspiring writer of science fiction and fantasy. He lives in a quiet village in West Yorkshire, and is approaching thirty far too quickly.

Moderately loving boyfriend and father, John spends most of his time between writing sessions either with his baby son, gaming, or working his full time job as a welder/fabricator.

He is very interested in technology.

This Site

Dropping the third person act, this site is where I post everything from hastily written blog entries to more considered pieces about things that interest and inspire me. It is also the place to find short stories and flash fiction that I write and post here for all to read, as well as links to stories I write for other sites.

Additionally, anything to do with me that is on the web (that I want people to be able to find) will be findable from this site, whether it be social networks, web services or fiction I have written that you can purchase.

About That Fiction

The stories in Story Corner are as you see them. Some of the stories in that section of the site were written some time ago, and I would be the first to admit that I can do better now. Some of the stories were the product of speed writing and at least one story spawned from a sleep deprived night in the hospital, written in under an hour at 3am. In short, they’re not going to represent the best of my work.

That’s where the books/ebooks come in.

I occasionally put short stories out in purchasable formats, with a novel soon to follow. I aim to have these stories also freely available in as many formats as it’s feasible to do. With that in mind, why pay for a book or short story that you can download for free?

Basically, to support me. If you like my writing, I encourage you to buy one (or some) of the purchasable stories I have for sale, or even donate an amount of your choosing through the donate button on the books page, so that I might be able to keep writing the fiction that you liked enough to consider paying for it.

Get in Touch

I’m not so popular that my social networks are flooded with @ replies and friend requests, so if you want to get in touch with me, try one of the many web services I’m on. You can find them at the bottom of every page (except Story Corner) on the site, under the heading “John on the Web”. Alternatively, if you have something to say regarding a specific post or story on this site, just leave a comment!