Demos About Breaking Up “EP”

So about a year ago, I started making music with a friend (not a euphemism), just for fun. At the time, I was a barely more than a novice guitar player, and I had the voice of a dying cat. I liked writing lyrics and I seem to be able to come up with melodies… even if I couldn’t sing them! But the aforementioned friend, one Andrew Lomas, is a pushy bugger, and insisted none of this was important… yet. Fast forward to now and I would say I am mediocre guitar player who can, with enough of a run up, hold a vocal note.

I’ve also acquired a lot of knowledge about making music in that time.

So now, Andrew and I are working on something we consider legitimate, and I’m excited for that project, but any kind of completion is probably a long way off. In the meantime, I have folders and folders of songs and song ideas and finished demos from my year of learning to be a person who makes music. Obviously not all of these are in anyway worth listening to—perhaps none of them are—but while I’m ready to draw a line under this part of my musical life and move on, I didn’t want to just throw all this work away.

So, to that end, I picked four of my favourite “finished” songs, unceremoniously dumped them on SoundCloud, and called it an EP. Because having an EP is cool. Each of these songs were finished at different stages of this year of learning music stuff, so if some sound a bit more professional than others, that’s why. Or maybe they all sound equally terrible. So, to that end, you can find said “EP” on SoundCloud by clicking right here, or if that’s a bit much, you can just listen to it through the magic of YouTube below.

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