Things I Wrote—Automatic Transmission Edition

Close up of a Powershift (6DCT450) Sensor Pickup

From time to time I write things for other sites. Given that I only have so many areas of knowledge, these things tend to be within those areas. This post is a collection posts I have written about automatic transmissions, all bundled up in one place.

How Often Do You Need to Change Your Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Automatic transmission fluid is one of those things that many people (including many mechanics) don’t even realise needs changing. This fact isn’t helped by many manufacturers making laughable “lifetime oil” claims on their transmissions. This article covers why you should ignore such claims, and looks at how often you should get your automatic transmission serviced.
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How to Service an Automatic Transmission Yourself

Following on from how often you should service your automatic transmission, this article on how to do it yourself was aimed at the more hands on car owners.

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Troubleshooting Automatic Transmission Problems

This is an article covering some ways to figure out what might be wrong with your automatic transmission that should be applicable regardless of which automatic transmission you have.

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3 Popular Automatic Transmissions with Common Faults

As the title suggests, this article looks at three very popular transmissions (that is, transmissions used by a lot of manufacturers) and the common faults which they are afflicted with.

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Vehicle Transmission Types and Their Differences

For those who just like to know how things work, this article looks at the different types of transmission used in vehicles, and what makes them different from each other.

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What is a Semi-Automatic Transmission?

Following on from the types of transmissions, this article focuses on one particular type. A common misunderstanding with many drivers (and, again, some mechanics) is that a car with no clutch pedal must be an automatic. Not necessarily true. There are also semi-automatic transmissions, and they’re completely different animals to the full fat version.

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Understanding How an Automatic Transmission “Thinks”

Delving deeper into the “how this works” area of automatic transmissions, this article looks at the “brains” of the gearbox, and how that brain achieves control of your transmission.

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Powershift Automatic Transmission Faults

A relatively new, and very popular automatic transmission, the Powershift is an efficient, smooth transmission… but it’s not without some problems.

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The GM 5L40E Automatic Transmission: Common Problems

Focusing more closely on a particular transmission, the GM 5L40E is a five speed automatic transmission that is found in a number of vehicles, most notably Range Rover’s and many BMWs. Let’s look at some of the things that typically go wrong with it!

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Common Faults in the 6-Speed DSG Automatic Transmission

Like the Powershift, DSG transmissions are very popular, and the six speed variant has been in use for some time now. Because of that, we’ve had plenty of time to work out it’s kinks.

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