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If you follow me on any of the social medias (if you don’t, how did you find this?) you’ll probably have seen me banging on about the new book I’m writing. The last book I wrote back in 2012—which I self published—sold something like fifty copies which, with little to no advertising and a free version available, is far better than I expected.

But hardly grounds to quit the day job.

Since then I’ve continued writing in the dark and been content with just writing for my own enjoyment. Now, with somewhere in the region of a million words of fiction written that have not yet seen the light of day, I’ve decided to give it another go. This time using Inkshares.

What is the Story?

The Eddie Prophecies by John Bullock
The Eddie Prophecies by John Bullock

Tentatively titled The Eddie Prophecies, the story centres around Eddie. Eddie is the subject of an ancient prophecy involving himself and a powerful artifact that one well-meaning guardian of said artifact has taken upon himself to deliver to Eddie.

And now the other guardians are on his tale.

Things get complicated when Eddie’s ex-girlfriend (whom Eddie is very much not over) gets involved. And, reluctantly, the two of them soon come to learn there is far more to the world than they ever imagined.

The tag line I chose was “If Robert Rankin wrote Neverwhere, it might have looked a bit like this,” and that’s as accurate a one line pitch as I could think of. The style of the story is very much in arena of Robert Rankin’s “far fetched fiction,” but the tale itself is involves much inner-city magic of the kind Neil Gaiman weaves in his great novel, Neverwhere.

Of course, I’m not making any claim so grand as to say I’m on their level, but I hope to bring you an enjoyable read nonetheless. I’m certainly enjoying writing it.

If I were to reel off a list of author’s that I’d count as inspiration (including the aforementioned Rankin and Gaiman), they would include the likes of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and, more recently, Yahtzee Croshaw, so you can probably get a feel for the kind of story I hope to produce.

What is Inkshares?

Inkshares is a kind of crowdfunded publishing platform. Users can sign up and follow authors they like and the books those authors are writing. You can receive updates from authors on the progress of their books and leave feedback directly on the story itself as it’s being written.

When the novel is ready to move on to production, the book can start accepting “pre-orders”. This is where the crowdfunding part comes in.

Books that reach a set number of pre-orders are automatically published by Inkshares. Not in a self-publishing sense, but legitimately published. There are tiers of publishing. At the moment, 250 pre-orders qualifies a book for a limited publishing run, whereas 750 pre-orders gets the works, including services such as editing and marketing.

The bit that interests me more, however, is that Inkshares will periodically select stories for publishing based on other factors. Competition winners, popular projects, and so on. For this reason, I would be ever so grateful if anyone interested in the story would sign up and follow it. It’s free, and the more interest the story has, the better.

That’s It

All that’s left for me to say now is thank you for reading this somewhat self-indulgent post. If you have the time please check out the story—which you can find by clicking this link—and if you like it, please consider registering your interest with Inkshares.

It only costs time, and not much of that!

And, of course, tell anyone you think might like it. For the nobody starting out in writing, word of mouth is king.

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