Vine: My Top Ten

Twitter recently announced they’re killing off Vine. I’ve taken this a little harder than I probably should have given that I didn’t exactly post a whole lot. I did spend a lot of time on the app, however. On a site that consists solely of 6 second (or less!) videos, I somehow managed to regularly lose hours just scrolling through all of the weird and wonderful videos that the nutters on there put together. Something about the time constraint seemed to really bring out the loopy in people (pun intended).

Anyway, this post isn’t to mourn the loss of Vine, nor pay tribute to it. It’s for me to share my ten favourite Vines from the time I spent on the app. Obviously with Vine shutting down it seems a bit pointless to link out to the creators’ Vine pages, so I’ve linked to whichever social media accounts they seem to be most active on. Now, in no particular order, here are my favourite ten Vines. Enjoy.

The Heimlich Maneuver

Aaron Chewning

Selfie Stick

Jason Nash, featuring heathhussar and Daniel LoPriore

Colour Run

Lance210, featuring Childish Brandino and lifewithbry

Cookie Monster’s Diet


Long Day?

Brandon Calvillo, featuring Manon Mathews

Take Me Into Your Loving Arms


Alcoholics Anonymous

Evan Breen

Proud Parents

Brandon Calvillo, featuring Jesse Calvillo and Gregory Calvillo

Didn’t See That Coming

Manon Mathews and Jason Nash


Brandon Calvillo


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